Can you leave a hospital without naming your baby?

Are you stumped on what to name your newborn? Are you wondering if you will be able to leave the hospital without naming your baby?

In most cases, if the child is born in the hospital a health official or social worker will greet the new mother in the hospital to get the baby’s birth records, including the  parent’s names, occupations and health background.  The parents are asked to provide a name for the child, but it is not required.

If the baby isn’t born in a medical facility, the mother, physician or midwife must notify health officials of the birth, however there is no legal requirement for the baby to be named at this time, though it is recommended.

The regulations for leaving the hospital before naming your baby differ depending on where you are in the world, however more often than not, you are legally allowed to leave the hospital without naming your baby.

While you are legally allowed to leave the hospital, it can be far more difficult to get the paperwork done once you’ve left.

Most countries regulate that you must name your child between 20-40 days after leaving the hospital.


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