What is your favorite celebrity baby name?

Celebrities are often known to give their children unique, playful names that are usually more daring than the names we use for our children, but if you are looking for an interesting name for your child, these names may be a helpful guide!

Celebrity Boy Names:

Brooklyn (Victoria & David Beckham)
Zowie (Iman & David Bowie)
Dashiell (Sheryl & Alice Cooper)
Anton (Beverley & Al Pacino)
Nayib (Gloria & Emilio Estefan)
Redmond (Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O’Neil)
Dhani (Olivia & George Harrison)
Sigmund (Jackie Jackson)
Rocco (Madonna & Guy Ritchie)
Griffin (Joanna Moore & Ryan O’Neil)
Hopper (Robin Wright & Sean Penn)
Ezra (Paula & Paul Reiser)
Quentin (Loni Anderson & Burt Reynolds)
Marlon (Patti Hanson & Keith Richards)
Syre (Jada-Pinkett Smith & Will Smith)
Sage( Sasha Czack & Sylvester Stallone)
Taj (Stephen Tyler)
Wolfgang (Edie Van Halen)
Dweezil (Frank Zappa)
Ahmet (Frank Zappa)
Rodan (Frank Zappa)

Celebrity Girl Names:

Piper (Gillian Anderson & Clyde Koltz)
Zara (Princess Anne & Mark Phillips)
Stella (Donna Dixon & Dan Aykroyd)
Sosie (Kyra Sedwick & Kevin Bacon)
Jamison (Chynna Phillips & Billy Baldwin)
Romy (Ellen Barkin & Gabriel Byrne)
Ireland (Kim Basigner & Alec Baldwin)
Ira (Annette Betting & Warren Beatty)
Cicely (Sandra Bernhard)
Lillyella (Melanie Blatt & Stuart Zende)
Sailor Lee (Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook)
Chastity (Cher & Sonny Bono)
Madeleine (Tea Leoni & David Duchovny)
Aspen (Shanna & Tyler England)
Aquinnah (Tracey Pollan & Michael J Fox)
Peaches (Paula Yates & Bob Geldof)
Greta (Phoebe Cates & Kevin Kline)
Coco (Courtney Cox & David Arquette)
Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin)
Frances Bean (Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain)
Lourdes Maris (Madonna & Guy Ritchie)
Clementine (Cybill Shepherd)

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